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Many people ask me “Why to learn French?” Along with English, French acts as a lingua franca in many places as it is spoken on five continents. It is a global language. One of our largest trading partners, and neighbor to the north, Canada, speaks French. Because of this, French speakers are in high demand for many jobs. By 2050, almost one billion people on planet earth are projected to be French speakers. For high school students, I think that a couple of issues are important to keep in mind: studying a foreign language is a cognitive challenge, a workout for your brain, just like math or learning to play an instrument.  Secondly, it is a skill that, once learned, you have for life. Last but not least, if you are worried that it will be difficult, don’t be. French is the easiest language to learn for an English speaker. Many words in French are the same words in English. We call these cognates and they make learning French a lot easier. Learning French for a Spanish speaker is also easy. Spanish and French are both derived from Latin. If you would like more reasons why to learn French click the links below ( these links are from Virginia Tech and the University of Arizona):