Welcome to the Y Aribba Mexico website!

Y Aribba Mexico 

This is our website created to spread the word of our culture. We are a type of company that is open to new ways of learning and understanding new cultures. We accept and respect everyone we encounter where that may be. We are a small group and have only one location. This group of ours is located location is in La Puente California but we are looking into online classes. We hope your experience with us will be fantastic!


Meet Our Instructor

The instructor of the whole group is Delia Hanlon. She has been with this group for over 20 years. In those 20 years, she has managed to accomplished most groups can not as in she brought her group to Disneyland and Knott. She believes that anyone can dance as long as they believe in their selves and work hard. Delia has been dancing since she was a girl and was very passionate about it. This would lead her to start one and spread the art of dancing Ballet Folklorico.